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Cold facts and impersonal statistics may be the bacon of Texas history, but the tall tales and interesting side stories are the sizzle.

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In this book, C. Charlie Eckhardt presents some of the Texas history sizzle that is often ignored when pure historians write about the Lone Star State. He adds to the flavor of Texas history with tales about such things as the first Texas revolution, the first English speaking person in Texas, and the little known counterrevolution of Charlie examines the expulsion of the Cherokees from Texas and provides details of some of the more famous Indian fights.

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Charlie also shows his romantic side with the legend of the famous Yellow Rose of Texas. The First Texas Revolution. The Many Flags of Texas.

The Counterrevolution of It's a tone with an opinionated edge that we enjoy. He sounds a little like your uncle, or maybe your father telling a story. In this way the book makes a good primer to 19th and early 20th century crime in Texas.

A Texas Tale: Death of Nam Sarcy

The author's interjection of personal experiences interviews with participants for example lends the ring of truth to the detail-rich stories. The haunted lake is as eerie as anything in Pennsylvania and the Judge Roy story introduces you to the Brothers Bean when they were in California and referred to as " Los Frijoles ". Knowing his background answers your questions about how he could pull off being the " Law West of the Pecos " when he didn't know a tort from a torta. When writing about Waco's William Cowper Brann , Eckhardt included details we've found only in books devoted entirely to the subject.

Here the historical tidbits are so plentiful they'll drip out of the book and form a pile on the floor kind of like Pistachio shells. That title also applies to this volume x2. Eckhardt's generosity of word might irritate other historians who want to stretch stories to book length, but this is what makes the book such a bargain.

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Don't think that you'll find this volume at your library's book sale in the future. It's the kind of book that people hold onto to read again.

If it's going to be sold "used" in the future, it will be as Texana in book shows and will probably cost a hell of a lot more than what they're asking now. We called Mr. Eckhardt to make sure our information was correct and to maybe get a few questions answered about Seguin.